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Weight Loss & Hypnosis

Weight loss is not just about food and exercise, it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle! My goal is to help my clients live their life in a way that allows them to get to their goal weight and maintain it. It’s about creating a healthy, joyous lifestyle, where their mind, body and spirit are in harmony and they feel good about attaining and maintaining their ideal weight.

Reasons To Lose Weight

Whether you are looking to lose 5, 10 or 25 pounds because you want to feel healthier, look good in a bikini, and love the feeling of fitting into your favorite skinny jeans, you will need to connect with these reasons for losing weight and make sure you truly want to achieve the outcome that you desire, that there are no conflicting thoughts about it.

If you are not connecting to the reasons and outcome of your weight loss or wellness goals, they will always feel like out of reach and unattainable. And you will eventually give up, thinking that it’s just not working for you, or you are not capable of losing weight, or don’t have the right mindset for it, etc.

This way of negative thinking will become a belief; your new way of feeling and approaching your weight loss goal, and creates a negative association to this goal – a.k.a resistance. This resistance will basically become a negative mental block to attaining this goal.

And you will find yourself going in circles because everytime you give it a go, this subconscious resistance will block you and therefore stop you from getting results. This cycle can cause self-sabotaging behaviors, such as procrastination, making unhealthy choices, comfort eating, fear of failing, and so on.

The best way to break the pattern of self-sabotage, and conflicting thoughts is to shift your mindset to one that supports your reasons and the desired outcome that works for you, not against you! Sometimes this can be attained with cognitive coaching alone, however, our subconscious mind is what drives us or stops us from achieving the desired outcome.

If you have already tried cognitive therapy to change your thought patterns but didn’t get the results you wanted, then using an effective modality like hypnosis to access the subconscious to make positive changes might work better you.

The Holistic Approach To Weight Loss…

If you are looking to lose weight, you might have already tried many diet trends out there at some point in your life but you have not found long term success with any of them. Fad diets are not sustainable for long term and they deliver short term results. We want to enjoy food, enjoy life without crazy restrictions but also feel healthy and take care of our body by choosing the right type of nutrients and enjoy treats in moderation.

Ideally, we should seek a lifestyle diet that allows us to indulge and still maintain a healthy physique. What we need is self-control, not restriction. Self-control must become a lifestyle habit that feels natural and we don’t have to think too much about that we just automatically “do”.

Hypnosis can help you access your subconscious mind so that you can start thinking differently about your goals, as well as the process of losing weight, including adjusting your diet, scheduling exercises, and practicing mindfulness and self-care.

Through my hypnotherapy services, you will discover how to approach weight loss from a holistic perspective, rather than one that is short-term and won’t satisfy you in the long run.

How hypnosis can help you lose weight and improve your overall well-being?

Maybe you want to lose some excess weight, change your eating habits, exercise more consistently or achieve overall wellness due to illness prevention. When it comes to losing weight we need certain positive behaviors on our side! Including motivation, energy, self-belief, self-esteem, self-respect, self-love.

Hypnosis can be a helpful tool for weight loss by addressing the underlying psychological and emotional factors that contribute to overeating and unhealthy habits. Hypnosis can help you develop healthier eating habits, reduce cravings, and increase motivation to exercise.

When we try to lose weight, we often start with a lot of excitement and motivation, but then we gradually lose it. Hypnosis can help you improve resilience and determination so that you won’t want to give up quickly when faced with challenges.

Our need for instant gratification and mindset for weight loss may contribute to this. By addressing negative beliefs and behaviors related to food and body image, hypnosis for weight loss can help you break free from self-defeating patterns and develop a more positive and empowered mindset. This can lead to healthier habits, better self-esteem, and long-term weight loss success.

It is possible to achieve your weight loss goals and stay motivated, enthusiastic, and positive with the help of hypnosis and cognitive coaching.

In our session, we will look at the major aspects of weight loss:

  • Discover and reinforce all of the reasons, benefits and positive emotions for losing weight. It’s about creating a happy life, loving yourself, making yourself a priority and living a fulfilling life!

  • Discover the triggers and emotional reasons (or the root cause) behind the weight gain and unhealthy eating habits and binge eating. Change your Life Script getting in the way of releasing this weight and doing the right things.

  • Discuss your current diet. My goal is to educate you about the latest dietary science that will help you lose weight. What foods will help you burn fat or store fat? which exercises are right for you? Learn to curb cravings and have more energy.

  • Provide healthier solutions for your triggers, stress, food and problem areas and create healthy habits and happiness for long-term success.

Note: Be advised that a doctor’s medical referral is required if you want to lose 25 pounds or more.

Contact me today and find out how hypnotherapy can help you reach your weight loss goals, achieve optimal health, and improve your eating habits.

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