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Spiritual Growth & Hypnosis

Spirituality plays an important role in a person’s healing process and aids in attaining optimal wellness. peace, harmony, self-love and happiness. Spiritual growth is a process of developing our self identity and self-awareness, nurturing meaningful relationships with ourselves and others and/or with a higher power.

What is Spiritual Growth Coaching?

Spiritual growth coaching through hypnotherapy will guide you to connect with your intuition, find inner happiness, peace and harmony while supporting you on you journey toward finding your own sense of true-self, your authentic-self and wholeness.

There are two different forms of spiritual growth: horizontal or vertical growth. While some people can achieve both horizontal and vertical growth, others may intentionally focus on one form over the other or struggle with one form over the other. It is possible to develop in both forms simultaneously or at different times.

What is Horizontal Spiritual Growth?

Horizontal growth focuses on growing outward, which involves developing an awareness of and reflection on relationships with others, values, communication, expression, and an appreciation of our health, people in our lives and our environment.

This type of spiritual growth helps you gain awareness of the aspects of your life, including your behaviors, beliefs, desires, values, your relationships, and so on. During this process, you emerge to see what you truly believe and desire for your life, or what type of people and relationships you wish to have or what negative circumstances and people need to be let go of in order to live your best life.

What is Vertical Spiritual Growth?

Vertical growth focuses on growing upward, which involves forming a closer relationship with a higher being/s such as god or universe, angelic world, spirit guides or our life purpose.

Religion and spirituality are two ways to grow spiritually, depending on your personal spiritual beliefs. Ultimately, when spiritually growing on a vertical scale you will develop a relationship with an external power, being, or energy.

Is spirituality different from religion?

One doesn’t need to become religious in order to achieve spiritual growth. However, if you prefer to use your religious beliefs to achieve spiritual growth then you can definitely do so. The main difference between spirituality and religion is that, spirituality does not come with a set of codes or doctrines. It is about the connection to something bigger than ourselves. By remembering and honoring that connection, we can cultivate feelings of love, compassion and awareness.

What type of Spiritual Growth Coaching do I offer?

Although I respect the individual beliefs of each client, it is crucial for my clients and my spiritual beliefs to be aligned in order to offer effective energy healing and spiritual growth guidance.

I follow a “new age” approach to my spirituality and believe that god exists as universal energy, and is all around us and within us. I also believe in the existence of spirit guides and angels as I work with them closely during my sessions. And my practices include working with energy – such as energy healing, clearing, chakra balancing, tarot and oracle cards, intuitive readings, mindfulness and transcendental hypnosis & meditation.

How can hypnotherapy help with your spiritual growth?

Spiritual growth hypnosis sessions can help you explore the deeper connections with yourself and the Universe. I will help you connect with your intuition, improve self-healing (through energy healing), gain a new or deeper understanding of your life and the energies that flow within it. I will be guiding you to discover your true and authentic self, inner-wisdom, creativity, skills, self-trust and compassion in yourself and others.

Through our work, I might use various healing tools to support your journey. And these tools are always intuitively customized based on your emotional and spiritual needs.

People choose to work with spiritual coaches for many reasons. Some of the primary areas in which you might need spiritual growth coaching include:

  • Releasing negative self-talk
  • Shifting to a positive mindset
  • Realizing your true life purpose
  • Manifesting what you want in life
  • Navigating difficult life challenges
  • Developing an empowered mindset
  • Becoming your true and authentic-self
  • Attaining appreciation, harmony and joy
  • Learning to believe in and trusting yourself
  • Connecting with your own intuition and spirituality
  • Discovering your internal blocks to achieving your goals
  • Healing the past hurts and experiences through self-love, forgiveness and acceptance

If any of the above sound like what you are looking to improve and work on, then contact me today and let’s discuss how my services can help you!

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