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Motivation & Hypnosis

Motivation is necessary to be successful, achieve goals and accomplish tasks. Everyone struggles to be motivated and productive from time to time, but we all have the power to motivate ourselves and use our inner resources to get back on track.

What is Motivation?

Motivation can be defined as: “The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.” When we are motivated, we enjoy the process of achieving a goal and we know there is a reward at the end. This reward can be as simple as looking at the mirror and thinking how good you look in a bikini and you can’t wait to wear it on your vacation. The reward is our connection to the outcome of our accomplishment., “MOTIVATION hat is Motivation? | How Can I Get Motivated?” The University of Michigan

We often make the mistake of believing that a person is either motivated or not. In reality, people who appear to be motivated in everything they do have just been successful in understanding how to motivate themselves in a variety of settings and tasks. Two things contribute to your motivation for any task: what you expect from yourself and what value you place on achieving a goal.

The key to motivation is understanding that you have the power to change both your expectations of yourself and the value placed on a task.

Motivation is what makes you decide to lose 15 pounds and eat healthier. The reasons behind achieving your personal goals are the motivators. We also need willpower working together with motivation.

Will-power is what helps you drag yourself off the couch to go and train in the gym, and eliminate the unhealthy food from your kitchen, even though you don’t really want to. It also helps you make the most of a difficult situation by staying consistent, positive and focused on your ultimate goal.

Motivation without willpower means that you’ll have BIG goals that you want to achieve, but you’ll have no means of coping and staying consistent and committed when challenging situations arise along the way. Willpower without motivation means you will give up trying to achieve that goal.

It wouldn’t matter how strong-willed you are, if you aren’t really motivated (feel excited about the reasons) to lose the excess weight. You would work hard and push yourself – but only to a point because willpower by itself is short-lived. And if you don’t really want something bad enough, you won’t hold yourself accountable when you’re faced with challenges.

How can hypnotherapy enhance your belief system and “motivation”?

With the help of hypnosis and cognitive behavior coaching you can learn to change your belief system around motivation. Here are some ways this can be done:

  • Learning to believe in yourself
  • Getting started by taking action toward your goals
  • Boosting your physical or mental energy
  • Setting goals and seeing them as attainable
  • Articulating reasons to work for goals
  • Intensifying desire to achieve goals
  • Understanding you have the power to change your expectations
  • Identifying internal and external factors that can stimulate your desire to succeed
  • Having “stick‐to‐it‐ness” – to cope and push through if obstacles arise along the way

Hypnosis can help you tap into your inner resources, strengthen your intrinsic motivation, and find and connect with the positive reasons to achieve your goals. If you are experiencing lack of motivation, low energy, brain fog, procrastination, loss of interest to get things done, contact me today and let’s discuss how my services can help you!

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