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New Mindset Better You – Free Ebook


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This FREE ebook is created to inspire, empower and guide you on your personal growth journey and help you create wonderful changes in your life. I’ll be sharing effective and powerful tips that will help you with your personal development journey.​ Once you start applying these tips in your life, I believe you will begin to see some positive changes.


You’ll learn to:

  • Shift your mindset, and self-talk and the words you use to attain a more positive outlook
  • Become action-oriented and move forward to achieve your goals
  • Focus on things that are important to you to create experiences that benefit you
  • Eliminate what no longer serves you and allow more positivity, peace and joy into your life
  • Appreciate all the good things in your life so that you can attract more of the same

Please reach out to me for any questions about this ebook or my hypnotherapy services.

To fulfilling your most desired goals,

Mina A. Douglas

C.Ht, C.LC